24 September 2008

far & away in daily life

I wish I could say I've been off to some exotic and far away land at the earth's end but such is not the case. Although I guess one could say that Australia would classify as exotic, in a sense, and far away. Far away from everyone else that is! This photo does not represent that. It is a cloudy, rainy day on an ordinary day. A day in the life of me. This is my glimpse of the city driving from the north. Every time it comes into sight I say to myself, "Hello Perth!" I also want to say "Hello" dear friends.

A few things:

Spring is definitely gaining momentum here. It takes some time to start associating September with spring beginnings rather than fall ones when you've spent the majority of your life in the northern hemisphere. September has always been back-to-school and the slow entry of crisp, cool weather gradually setting in. It's hard to adjust mentally when just about everyone I know, and almost all of the blogs I visit, are experiencing this entry into fall. I love fall and the promise of winter.

While we are having a fair amount of rain here (and I LOVE the rain) I know the warm weather is near and there are parts of me that welcome it but other parts of me that dread those unbelievably hot, hot days. I love summer and all it's activities but the extreme heat makes me an unhappy camper. I guess I'm sad to let go of the mild weather.

I know I've neglected this place. It's a combination of things really but I keep hoping I can change that as I do love to post entries (as few as they might be), honest. I feel organised and accomplished when I post. I think it's also a good feeling to give your voice a place to be heard. I've spent more time tweaking and playing with the header than anything but that's because this is what I find I am truly passionate about. Creating. Even if it's on a small scale. I've got to start somewhere. (I think I tire easily with the look of things and I'm still trying to find the "right" look that suits me so I make no promise about things changing frequently here). My resources for what I want to learn are limited so I'm using what is available and making the best of it. I still have a strong desire to learn graphic design, and I will! I've also had a go at some crafting and other small projects which have been really enjoyable. It is my hope to be able to expand on that love and share more about that.

Hope everyone is doing well?



Erin said...

I think your header is lovely! It is weird to think you are going into spring while we are cooling off and heading quickly into winter : ( Hope you are doing well, my dear.

Louise said...

LOVE THE HEADER!!! Beautiful!
So nice to hear from you on here.....thanks for the update!

susanna said...

Wait! Are you living in Australia now?? Did I miss something??? And are you going back to school??? Jeepers, I'm waaay behind in my all over the map reading!