05 August 2008

circa 1977

That's me circa April 1977 (9 yrs. old) if my memory serves me correct, but I'm going to have to look at the back of the photo again to make sure. Although I'm fairly sure because I can still visualise my grandmother's writing on the back. But fairly sure won't do. I'll just have to check it to make sure, because yes I'm a little particular like that. And getting off the subject too.

Seeing her handwriting is something I will always recognise. Isn't it great how specifics like this we never forget. When I see this photo it reminds of many things I will definitely never forget.

1) I'll never forget Hans. He's the little "weiner" dog I'm holding. (Hans II) My grandparent's had a miniature dachsund named Hans. He, Hans I, was killed by a neighbour's dog while they were staying at their property in the desert. I was heart broken, to say the least. Sad story. He wondered onto the neighbour's property to say hello and their big, ferocious dogs didn't like that! Hans was my grandparent's dog but really more my dog, if you know what I mean? My grandparent's brought Hans II home shortly after. He lived 16yrs that little weiner, and oh how I loved him so.

2) See those tin measuring cups hanging on the wall just behind my head to the right. My mum still has those to this day. Old and used and a bit battered but still in working condition. I grew up using those in my grandmother's kitchen. And the spice rack above my head. That was there for as long as I can remember.

3) That tank to the left of me. Yep, that's the water heater. Why oh why was it put in the kitchen? I don't know but that's where it went and I guess that's just what they did it in those days. It always made gurgling and grumbling sounds and thinking about it now it was just part of the atmosphere in that kitchen and without those sounds, well . . .it's hard to imagine. It wouldn't be the same.

4) I was just finishing 4th grade that year. I was in Mr. Disher's 4th/5th grade combination class and he was that teacher everyone liked. One of my favorites for sure, if not the favourite. He was just so cool and if memory serves me correct, I may have had a small crush on him too!

5) That was also my first year on the school drill team. My hometown had a May parade and our little drill team got to march in it. I loved watching it every year. Bringing our blankets and chairs and getting a good spot early. To march in it was a big deal at 9 years old. The May Festival also meant a weekend packed with cotton candy, hot dogs, coin tosses, stuffed animal prizes and rides galore. With the May Festival came the weekend long carnival. Those were some of my most cherished childhood memories.

What are some of the memories you most cherish from your childhood? Please share, or write a post and leave a link here.

*Inspired by Blog About Five Things Week from Frances at Blogjem which I found via Michelle of Bleeding Espresso.


Frances said...

Hi It's Frances from Blogjem - what an awesome 5 - you've inspired me to "five" some memories too.
Waving at you wildly from New York

Michelle | Bleeding Espresso said...

Oh this is so wonderful! I only wish I had a photo like that so I could point and say "That? That's my grandmother's olive oil can...." Ah, memories. I may have to write a post like this too :)

Rebecca said...

sweet photo! speaking of dogs, i remember my grandmother's next door neighbor, Beulah, always had Pomeranians. she went through 3 or 4 as i grew up and named them all Babe.

susanna said...

Ohhh, Hans was such a cutie. Such a sad ending to his life, though. :( My mom has certain old bowls and pots and pans in her kitchen. They may be chipped now but she'll never throw them away! So many happy culinary memories... :)

Nadine said...

What lovely memories. The dog is very cute - I'm sorry about Hans I - that is a very sad loss.

Suz said...

wonderful post, Collette. Thanks for taking us down memory lane with you! Cute photo, too! :)

Scribbit said...

what a good topic for a post--I should do something like this.

And for the record you were really cute :)

Jess said...

Aw, I love Hans!

kelley kelley said...

love this collette ~ hans was a cutie...we grew up with dachsunds :)
ox kelley

GURUBHAI...The Management Guru said...

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