10 June 2008

sometimes obstacles do get in my way

Forgive me Dearest blog, for I have sinned. It has been more than a month since my last post.

Gee where do I begin? Please forgive me ahead of time if this post is poorly worded or expressed. I’ve debated, with myself of course, on whether or not to mention it at all but I feel I must in order to say it and move on. Must move on.

A couple of weeks ago we came home to find our home had been burgled. As you can imagine, it was a one of those sick to your gut feelings along with “Did this really happen?” I was pretty sick about it and, to some extent, yes it still bothers me and I wonder if I should even be posting about it (more on that later).

It makes me angry to know total strangers have such disregard for others and their property. I feel totally violated and sick that some really sad people (for lack of a better word) broke into our home. Losers!

My privacy was invaded in a horrible way. The losers got off with our large plasma tele, my son’s laptop, my MacBook Pro, an old and broken mobile (fools), my check book and they even had the nerve to rifle through our kid’s rooms and take our daughter’s school bag with all of her school work inside. Disgusted pretty much sums up how I feel. Must move on, I know. Getting there.

Lesson learned: make sure I have back-up copies of all personal photos and work, etc. I lost most of my library of photos and I am kicking myself for not uploading them elsewhere. I could have uploaded to my mac account but I didn’t. I’ve basically been beating myself up all the while telling myself this serves no purpose except to remember the lesson learned. The hard way I might add.

The fact that total strangers have a peek into my “stuff” annoys me. Although I have been reminded they most likely didn’t target me personally I’m taking it personal and I’m mad. They can read my blog if they want to which creeps me out completely. I know it’s a public site but I dare to think the losers could be creepy to boot.

I thought maybe not to post for fear the losers who came into our home uninvited might read this. I know it’s a far stretch but these things cross your mind, or mine anyway, and I’m bothered. It’s a strange feeling and one I hope will pass given a little more time.

When it rains it pours and I don’t want to be a complaining, whiny bum but I’m just stating the facts. It was my husband’s birthday the day we were violated. The following day our daughter was admitted to the hospital for the entire week due to an asthma attack. Our car is dying a slow death. I’m having some serious issues with my teeth and the pain has become unbearable. (I’ve been to the dentist and we’re making progress). *To top it all off, I found a lump in my breast. I’ve been mammogrammed, ultra sounded and biopsied and the radiologist said that it looked like common fibroid cists but they are taking care of me and making sure. I’m doing fine.

Feels good to get that off my chest about being burgled. Done with that and thanks for listening to me vent. I hope to move on and post about good things. Things I have a passion for, things that bring joy and make me want to skip rather than walk.

(*I don’t make habit to talk about something so personal but I do so in saying I appreciate any and all prayer for this matter.)

“Keep Calm and Carry On”. I’ll do just that.


Erin said...

Oh my dear, I'm so sorry that this has happened. What a terrible thing to have to deal with. I'm glad you wrote about it, personal as it is, so that we can pray for you. Sending you prayers and love and hugs!

Melba said...

I am so sorry.
We were robbed (while we slept) back in December. I know how you feel. I am still living with the fear.
They arrested one of our neighbors. He is out on bail now. In September we have to go to court.
If you ever want to talk about this PLEASE email me. I know that people around you might want you to move on, but sometimes the only way to do that is to talk it out of your system.
Sending you healing vibes!

Anonymous said...

Remind yourself it was only "stuff" and it's the breaths you take that matter. "He" is much more well equipped to deal what is needed.
You did right to ask for the prayer you need, that's what it's all about!


Rebecca Ramsey said...

Good gracious. That's so not fair. What a deluge. I'm sending you prayers.

patricia said...

Oh wow. I'm so sorry this happened to you! I can't even imagine what I'd feel if I were in your shoes. Thankfully it was just 'stuff' that got lost. I hope you and your family feel better about this real soon.

all over the map said...

Thank you. I appreciate all prayer. It's hard sometimes to write about personal situations because I always have to ask myself if I'm stepping over that line.

I think I will be emailing you. How horrible and scary that you were in your beds asleep while an intruder came in. That's creepy.
It has left me with a bad taste in my mouth about the neighbourhood we live in and that's hard to kick.
Talking it out does help. Of course I feel better already until I start to think about it and then I get a little angry about the whole situation.
Thanks for your understanding. That in itself is a huge comfort.

The material items are replaceable and I am grateful nobody was harmed including our dog who is still a puppy and was outside (barking I'm sure).
When I refer to stuff I mean my photos (those are not replaceable), things I have written on my laptop and my habits as one can easily follow if they have access to my laptop and all that was on there. It's a huge privacy invasion for someone to wonder through it. It left me feeling vulnerable.
While I fully know that material things do not matter it is also a financial burden to replace my laptop, and one I can't take on right now. It's is a tool for me to pursue my goals, mainly graphic design, and without it I'm in a difficult place. It's like a tennis player trying to practice without their racket.
I fully agree that He is the only one equipped to carry this burden, and I am so grateful for that.

It stinks. I won't deny that. I totally welcome and love any prayer. Thanks.

Yes it's just stuff in the end. As I said above it's harder to let go of the photos and such that are, unfortunately, not replaceable.

nap girl said...

i am so very sorry to hear of this collette. i feel sick thinking about the pictures and your computer! i will certainly pray for you my dear, for peace over this fightening and personal intrusion. ox kelley

meredith said...

It's okay to share and get the bad stuff off your chest. I think it helps with the 'carrying on" afterwards. Sorry that you guys had that happen.

Louise said...

So sorry to hear about that..that is SO nasty!!
I hope that you and your daughter are feeling better.
I will most definitely pray for you!

susanna said...

Oh man, you really have had one hugely crappy week. I'm so sorry you experienced all those awful things - and all within a short time period. Asthma attacks and breast lump scares are really stressful. We have them in our family, too. I wish your family the best.

Karma will eventually kick those burglars in the butt.