19 March 2008

Bush By Foot

walking trail, Yanchep National Park cheeky 2008

What you need:
A want to get out, breathe some air and get some exercise.
A companion to come along with (not required but nice).
A good pair of walking shoes.
Sunblock, and lots of it.
A hat. Preferably one that covers your neck as well. It's hot down under.
Sunglasses. Necessary.
H2O. Of course.
A camera. For those wanting to share the adventure, like moi.

kanga, Yanchep National Park photo taken by my 13yr old

If you are lucky, like we were, you might even stumble upon a kangaroo or two.


Erin said...

Aw, I'd love to go on a bush walk with you. Sigh. Maybe one day : ) What beautiful pictures. Glad you brought your camera!

love.boxes said...

Your not nervous to meet an kangeroo or anything?

Lovely photos! I would love to visit in Austrailia someday. So many pretty places. :)

Louise said...

That is SOOo neat!! I wanna come for a walk with you!!
Happy Easter my friend!

mental mosaic said...

When I saw the title "Bush Walk" in a comment you left over at Bleeding Espresso, I thought you'd be ranting about President Bush. Silly me!

I obviously need to get out in nature this week... This looks like MY kind of bush walk.

Nice to meet you! :)

Scribbit said...

No way! I'd trade you a kangaroo for a moose any day.

Childlife said...

A bush walk sounds lovely - I've always wanted to see Australia, but have never been. Someday... *sigh*

And how fun to cross paths with a kangaroo! Looks like you have a budding young photographer on your hands too :)

Nadine said...

How cool you get to live in Australia now. What an adventure you are on.

nap girl said...

Good morning Cheeky girl! I am tagging you for the “Excellent Blog” Award. I am happy you are back and look forward to more of your oh so soulful blogging....divine! Ox Kelley

rochambeau said...

Hi Cheeky!
What a sweet Kanga you saw on your walk! You all are very lucky!
Thank you for your good thoughts. You are a good soul and I appreciate you.
Aren't you enjoying A Tree Grows in Brooklyn? I really liked that book, though it has been many years since I've read it.


Michelle | Bleeding Espresso said...

So lovely! Can I come? I promise I won't feed the kangaroos!

meredith said...

I'd love to go on a bush walk with you! Maybe someday...my husband has lots of cousins in the Sydney area.