14 November 2007

sharing the simple and delightful

Thanksgiving is fast approaching. Will you be celebrating? Will you be the gracious host, or the lucky invitee?

Whichever you happen to be this year, either way you will most likely be enjoying the comfort of family and friends and stuffing your belly full with some very delicious culinary delights.

Even if you are not celebrating Thanksgiving it's still a fabulous time of year for all sorts of other wonderful delights. After all, Christmas is just around the corner. Oh my! That means preparations and planning for all of the wondrous festivities that take place.


*Here are a just a few things I'm grateful to have discovered
and wanted to share. Enjoy.

How pretty are these? More than that, I simply love the idea of wearing an apron. Call me old- fashioned, I know, but it reminds me of my grandmother; granted she never wore an apron that fancy but I still *heart* the idea.

You may not be a culinary "queen" but who says you can't look good as the hostess? I've chosen this one for you. Do you like it? I know they are way too pricey, especially for someone as talented as you who could whip one of these up for a fraction of the cost on your own sewing machine. Let me know what you think?

Ever made a pumpkin cake? Come on, you know you're curious. You can learn how here. Simple and clever, minus the silly spider on the plate.

Like cranberry relish/sauce? This sounds yummy. I love anything fruity with meats. This isn't just for Thanksgiving either.

I don't know about you but these little buggers aren't fun to step on, as you can lose your footing, but I certainly *heart* this idea. I never knew they could look so nice. Again, so simple and easy.

Need a little extra touch for a place setting. The elements of outside brought inside bring it all together.

Why not add a lovely hoodie(update: the link didn't want to cooperate. it's the second row, second from the left) to your wardrobe this season. I *heart* this colour. Cool and crisp yet cozy and pretty.


Michelle | Bleeding Espresso said...

Everything is just so lovely, so autumny, so very warm and inviting. I couldn't open the link for the sweater from Anthropologie, but I didn't see anything on the cardigans page that I *didn't* like.

And that olive apron is just delicious!

I'm getting excited for Thanksgiving! Grazie :)

all over the map said...

Sognatrice, Hey glad you liked everything and I agree that apron is delicious. Pricey but delicious.
That link gave me trouble. For some reason it didn't want to link to the larger view? I think I've corrected it.
What are your plans for Tday? I'm sure I will read about it over at your place?

Louise said...

Ohhh love the cardigan...fun fun!
Love the color too!

Karen Beth said...

Hooray! Christmas IS just around the corner! We have all vowed to only get useful and practical gifts for one another this year. It sounds a bit boring, I know, but NONE of us need more tchotckes.

Loved the links! Hope your week is going GREAT!


Karen Beth :)

A Fanciful Twist said...

Well, we have pfficially decided to go nowhere. To be lovebugs and veg. To make a Turkey and a pie, and rent LOTS of movies!! Isn't that fun? This is the first time I won't be travelling on Thanksgiving! Yay!!! Love your fave things! xxo

Suz said...

Love the apron site, and I'll have to share it with my friend Kathleen. She'll love it. :)

Michelle | Bleeding Espresso said...

OK, that hoodie is *too* precious. Love, love, love the color! So soft and wintry!

Plans for Turkey Day? I'm cooking for P and me, that's about it. I'm hoping that the package my mom is sending me with some staples will arrive in time, otherwise we'll be doing without some traditional favorites like sweet potatoes (that only I eat anyway) ;)