19 November 2007

my mind carries

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My lovely friend Erin asked me to share eight random things about myself. My first thought was exactly that. Thoughts. Oh how I have so many running through my head. How ever will I clear my mind? Hhhmmmm.................. let me see. I will share them with you.

Rather than going from A - B, I seem to be to going from A - Z making all twenty-four stops along the way. Getting the picture? The thoughts are getting cramped and crinkled. My head is starting to become my junk drawer and it's time to empty it out.

I carry the following thoughts:

08. A stirring inside me. I am yearning heavy to be more creative. I am craving it. More creative in a "make things" kind of way. I am searching for a direction in which to take my creativity.

07. Hope. A hope in knowing that difficulties and stumbling blocks in this life are temporary. Hope is knowing they won't last forever. Thank God for that.

06. Memories of times past. I love reflecting on all the wonderful times I have been blessed with. They continue to bring joy to my life.

05. A Plan. To continue moving forward, even when self-doubt sneaks in.

04. Desire. A strong desire to learn and try new things. To set goals and reach for the stars. To know that nothing is impossible and everything is possible.

03. Appreciation. For all who inspire me, lift me up and love me. I always think of you.

02. Love. To love better, stronger and more. To love when I don't feel like it. Love does conquer all.

01. A list. A list a mile long. The list continues to grow. I embrace that. If I don't finish the list, I'm OK with that. I will enjoy the journey I'm on.

All of these thoughts are like steps to me. Each one takes me a little bit further on the journey of life.

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Suz said...

Cheeky, I just want to say that I am inspired by your expressions of creativity through your blog! And I love that you point out the things that inpsire you. Thanks! :)

all over the map said...

Thank you. Truth be told, I have a confession to make. I am struggling with creative outlet and expression right now. I feel my blog is lacking deeply, urgh. It is my wee, little baby so of course I want it to shine but mostly I want it to be *me*. Your words of kindness lift me up.

Nadine said...

I agree with Suz. You are very creative and did a great job with this tag. It was fun to read and to get to know you better.

all over the map said...

Thank you so much. I enjoy creativity and have such a yearning for it. I'm drawn to it.

Scribbit said...

I can relate to the memories and creativity thoughts--that's probably why I'm so hooked on blogging.

Michelle | Bleeding Espresso said...

Yes yes! I'm with you Cheeky! Your blog is certainly not lacking--you're being too hard on yourself! It's always full of inspiration, creativity, and love...you just can't see it from the inside all the time.

I've been hankering for something crafty; this weekend I started going through my magazines and cutting out everything I want to keep from them--articles as well as fun photos, letters, patterns, etc. (possible scrapbooking/journal-making as well as writing inspiration). I'm already feeling much better...and I get to recycle all the leftover stuff to boot :)

A Fanciful Twist said...

Oh my, we have so many of the same things.... I thank God every day for my hope and perseverence... xoxoxoxoox

Erin said...

What beautiful thoughts! Thank you for putting so much into that meme.

meredith said...

as someone once said...and today is the first day of the rest of you life. I hope all your dreams and plans will one day be fulfilled.

Louise said...

Those are really great!
and I agree with the other ladies you are very creative..your writing is great! I always enjoy your posts!
Have a great day!

susanna said...

This is a good list! I feel the same way about creativity - trying different things to see what works, what speaks to me, what inspires me to create more.

Karen Beth said...

I can identify with each and every one of these. Thank you for writing them out. They really ring true... xo... :)