02 November 2007

the eleventh month

Oh it's already November. Can you believe it? I think I say that every year. Here's to November. Eleven things that say November to me:

Looking forward to colder, crisper, weather. Yes, even in good ol' Southern California.
Thanksgiving preparations. Where are we all going to gather, who's making which yummy side dish, who's coming in from out of town, how "stuffed" will we all be from over indulging and just thinking about lounging around all day with family.
Trees having lost all their leaves and gardens are starting to retreat for winter.
Realising that Christmas is not that far away but not yet used to all of the decorations in the shops.
Drinking hot cocoa with marshmallows on top.
Wearing cosy, warm jumpers and loving every moment of it.
Enjoying warm, hearty soups and savouring each spoonful.
Receiving invites in the mail to upcoming holiday gatherings from friends and family.
Going to the voting poles.
Shorter days and trying to adjust to the darkness at 5:30pm.
Taking in a live theatre performance with my mom as one of our holiday rituals.


Giulia said...

I really miss #2... *sniff*
But, I have to agrre with you, all of those things say November to me too. :)

Erin said...

I've been collecting ingredients to start making nice hot soups for lunches as the weather is getting colder. That was a great list : )

Karen Beth said...

So glad to see your post today! Hooray! Good to see your blog active again.

I love SO many things about November and have to agree with EVERYTHING you have on your list here. I especially love the cooler weather and the changing colors. So very beautiful!


Karen Beth :)

all over the map said...

yeah i bet. it is our *oh-so-american* holiday. i've celebrated it abroad but it isn't quite the same. not complaining but i think you know what i mean.

i can eat soup all year long. it truly is one of my favorite dishes. especially the thick, hearty and yes even creamy ones. forget about low cal : )

i'm trying and thanks for all your support.
i think i love cold weather so much because i love the idea of layering and a winter's coat.

susanna said...

What a great list! I'm looking forward to this year's Thanksgiving dinners (I have my first dinner invite tonight - yippee!). I'll be giddy with the holidays later this month. Doesn't it always seem that Thanksgiving kicks off the Christmas holidays in the States? Love that. And I like your ritual of takig your mom to a performance. That's a special holiday event for sure.

paris parfait said...

Yes, plenty of good reasons to love November! (And it's my husband's birthday this month).

all over the map said...

T-day does seem to be the real kick-off to Christmas. I love it too.
Yippee is right. It's so nice to gather with friends and loved ones; anytime of the year really but this time of year has a special feel.

Wishing him a very Happy B-day.

Michelle | Bleeding Espresso said...

Hey look at you doing a Monthly Musing--can't wait to link to you :)

all over the map said...

Hey I like that! Funny because I did think of you when I did that.

Whatever Dee-Dee wants said...

Great list! November is such a fun month :)