16 April 2007

sunday scribblings: #55 - Secret Identity

© 2006 Meg Genge & Laini Taylor

Stellar Wife
Example of Compassion
Chef Extraordinaire
Resourceful Artist
Exemplary Mother
True Confidant

Innovative Designer
Decent and Credible Writer
Exceptional Blogger
Never Give Up Individual
Tried-and-true Friend
Immaculate Keeper of The House
Tender Shoulder to Cry On
Yummy Baker and Cake Maker

*These are the secret identities I aspire to be. A girl can dream, can't she?


rel said...

I think all of these characters will blend well and come out of the oven a delicious personna indeed. ;-)

susanna said...

They all sound great to me! Definitely worth aspiring to be.

Jone said...

Cheeky, Love this especially the example of compassion and the never give up individual. Looking forward to my journal. Will let you know when it arrives.

[a} said...

I love "tender shoulder to cry on"
"yummy baker & cake maker" & "never give up individual."

your secret identity indicates that you may just be a super hero..

Louise said...

Sounds GREAT!! all great things to strive for!!

Erin said...

Wow, what a great list of things to aspire to be! Not to mention very creative way of putting things!

Cherrye said...

Cute post and good aspirations! You kinda made me hungry with some of those...doesn't take much!

I tagged you for the Three Things Meme from Erin's blog! I am posting it tomorrow!

tongue in cheek said...

Clever take on Sunday Scribblings theme!