09 April 2007


Driving home Friday, after errands, I passed the cemetary which is the usual route when coming from that part of town. I turned the corner and could see a burial taking place. A large group of people stood gathered around the casket. I couldn't help but wonder was it a father/mother, wife/husband, son/daughter, sister/brother, aunt/uncle, friend, confidant or perhaps neighbour? I don't know. My eyes welled up with tears for a moment. That person being laid to rest mattered to the people who gathered there.

I continued the short drive home. Only minutes later did I see a man outside cutting his lawn. It wasn't the man so much that I noticed, it was the playful and happy dog that begged his attention while he stood behind the mower. I smiled big and laughed out loud.

I arrived home. In that brief ten minutes drive, I had gone from simple mundane driving, to tears in my eyes, to laughing out loud.

Life is a series of moments. Great, and some not so great. Thus far, the great definitely outweigh the not so great.

Today is Easter, and at this moment I am reminded of the hope and life I have in Him. That this life, my series of moments, will one day die physically but never spiritually.

Wishing everyone a beautiful Easter filled with love and hope.


Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

Joyous Easter Monday to you. Thank you for the thoughtful link

susanna said...

Happy Easter, Cheeky! Yes, life is a series of moments...I'm glad that you're experiencing the great moments right now.

PS - I certainly don't mind you stopping by my blog! I'm behind in my blog responses these days...my life has been a bit of a rollercoaster these last few weeks...but I definitely do enjoy hearing from you! :)

Louise said...

What a great post!!...its always amazing to see how life can 'hit' us sometimes and we wake up to see it in a whole new way and it doesn't have to take a tragedy to realise the amazing gift we have!!
Thanks for that inspiring message!!

all over the map said...

tic - you are so very welcome. thank you for the beautiful story through photos.

susanna - great moments indeed, and always working to make it over the hurdles. i love to visit and i look forward to popping in regularly.

louise - ty. it is importatnt to be thankful for the good and bad, although it's always more difficult with the latter. He is my inspiration.

Michelle | Bleeding Espresso said...

Wonderful description of life's beautiful range of emotions; hope you had a lovely holiday as well :)

all over the map said...

sognatrice - Thanks. The range is far and wide. Easter was quiet and good.

[a} said...

Super post! I love how a simple thing like a drive can bring such varied thoughts and emotions to us.