12 April 2007

biscuits, oatmeal and bottled water

Aloha kakahiaka (Good morning) from the Big island of Hawaii.

I've become a dedicated bloggie nut and I couldn't resist the opportunity to say "morning"(ok closer to noon but who's keeping track?) and tell you how my day began.

Yep! There it is people, my brekkie. I know, I know, you're feeling a bit envious right about now, your mind drifting off, picturing yourself in front of two disintegrated biscuit wrappers that had been floating around at the bottom of a bag for sometime now, a paper cup filled with instant oatmeal and a plastic fork and some bottled water to wash it all down.

This is life, is it not?

Real, not dressed up or even remotely glamorous; just the unedited version of a morning's beginning.

This routine event is just a moment, one of many, that will connect with all the others and collectively create today, my day.

While the routine brekkie moment was passing another one was beginning, and the two merged for a moment, making the routine all the more enjoyable.

This is what I looked at with biscuits, oatmeal and water in hand.

I'm off to town to experience the rest of my moments.


susanna said...

Hee! Well, I would still be hungry breakfast but what an amazing view you have! You lucky girl! Have fun today! :)

Cherrye said...

Nice pics.
Have a good day.

Louise said...

OH MY LAND! if I had a view like that to enjoy my brekkie everyday I'd be happy with anything!!LOL...you lucky lucky chick!! I should post a view of my icky landscape well not really...just the neighbors in the back yard...such is town life in the praries...nothing to see!!! LOL
Have a great day!

Erin said...

I'd eat just about anything for breakfast with that view! Lucky girl! A Happy Day to you...

shelley said...

hi there, just read a comment you made on louises blog, and I totally agreed 100% with what you said, so i tracked you down. Hawaii....what are you doing there? Vacationing, missions..? Loved the view!

all over the map said...

The view is the best part. It's an old hotel, nothing fancy schmancy!
I ate a hearty lunch, ya know, to make up for the so called brekkie.

It's a work trip so I don't spend all mornings viewing that but I am so grateful for these moments, but i also quite enjoy the town I am in now.

I made pretty good with what I had, eh? I wish you could have joined me.

Thanks for stopping in, always welcome. It was a work related trip, but oh how my heart desires a mission.

all over the map said...

Thanks, and thanks!

meredith said...

Are you at the old Naniloa Surf? I am so jealous! I used to live in Honokaa and Kamuela, just up the Hamakua coast. Take lots of photos :)

all over the map said...

poppy - I will take more photos and share them with you. That was Hilo.