18 March 2007

"blogs and links and creative expression . . ."

I finally sat myself down and put a few words together to create my first post!

I have been reading a few different blogs now, off and on, for a few months. After viewing blogs randomly, I came upon At Home In Rome. What got my attention was the header. I loved it! I want to create a unique and expressive header for my blog! It just popped out at me and said, "hello, this is an interesting blog" and guess what, it is indeed. Shelley is a clever, smart girl and I appreciate her writing. Always fresh and original. The posts are intelligent and she has created a unique style. I see an intelligent, go-getter, never give up attitude in the material she writes and shares on her blog. Thanks Shelley.

From there I found bleeding espresso. Here I found "dreamer" (that's what sognatrice means in Italian) and what a pleasure. I have enjoyed the honesty and real quality of this blog. I love the fact she chooses to be positive. I am impressed with how you paint us all a picture of who you are with your writing. You make me laugh. I love your descriptive talent. Your intelligence is reflected in your writing. I love that you are clear when you write. It's as if I can hear your voice when I read your posts. So much fun. She also has an absolutely adorable doggie called Luna Balloona. Thanks Sognatrice.

I want to also point out Chronicles of Me by Boho Girl. This site encouraged the creative side of me which has been lying dormant for too long now. There is a really beautiful, sweet and compassionate soul spilled out here. I like it. Boho girl also has some really great links to fellow friends and there are a few I have also been admiring. The creative juices are flowing! Thanks Boho Girl.

I could go on and on about more great sites and ideas but "sheesh" I'd have to write a novel, and Lord knows I am not prepared, nor equipped to do that. I'm off to begin creating this wonderful journal here on the World Wide Web. I love the internet, it's just plain awesome. I am so inspired. I amazed at the endless possibilities for expression. The ideas bouncing in my head waiting to get out. The idea that a blog can be an outlet for all those "things" I want to express. For some reason I keep hearing Dorothy say, "Lions and tigers and bears, Oh my!" I keep saying, "Blogs and links and creative expression, Oh Yeah!" I am excited to watch this blog grow and enjoy the journey. I just have to remind myself, walk before you run. HA!

I have heaps of ideas and thoughts I want to share, or at least it feels that way in my head so I am hoping it all starts to unravel. It's naked now, and a not at all interesting compared to the above who have inspired me but I promise I will get there, wherever there is?

I'm working on the header. I know, it is "oh soo boring" but I am determined to create one myself. I am working on figuring all that neat stuff out. So mean while, I sit with what is available on the standard template.

Ciao (inspired and fitting to the lovely "expats"in Italy)


Michelle | Bleeding Espresso said...

Aw, I'm all cyber-blushing right now! Congratulations on jumping into the blogosphere, and thank you so much for your lovely words--what an honor to be part of your first post! I'm excited to see your blog grow as well; now it's time to let loose all those ideas (bouncing sounds in your head will only give you a headache). I've got my eye on you ;)

Michelle | Bleeding Espresso said...

And here's your number 2! I was going to e-mail you, but silly you, you haven't put an address in your profile (mine, btw, is bleedingespresso (dot) sognatrice (at) gmail (dot) com). And I knew you had linked to me b/c of a nifty little service at Technorati.com. You need to join there and "claim your blog," and it keeps tracks of links to your blog--helpful to know who's reading (links in sidebars are included) even if they don't comment.

Thank you for asking about Luna Balloona; she is just fine, thanks, as we just returned from a walk. More photos soon, I'm sure. I got her a new collar that I haven't shown to the world yet ;)

Vee said...

Good luck with your blogging, once you start you can't stop !

Cherrye said...

Hi there. Welcome to the blogging world - I have been at it almost a year and I still can't do a custom header...let me know if you figure it out, ok?

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

Welcome to blogging! You have some very talented women linked and i am certain you will follow their lead!